Saturday, August 29, 2009

Manitoba NDP plan for leadership convention

There should be enough candidates to choose from to replace Doer but none will have as prominent a profile as Doer. Blaikie is probably the best known but as the article notes there are plenty of other potential contenders.
I find it strange that everyone in the Manitoba NDP is applauding Doer for accepting the appointment. Apparently it makes no difference that he will be serving under a Conservative right wing government whose policies in most cases are completely at odds with the NDP!

Man. NDP plan for leadership convention

CBC News
Premier Gary Doer meets with reporters on Parliament Hill Friday following his appointment as ambassador to the United States. (CBC)
Manitoba's New Democrats are meeting Monday to plan for a leadership convention to replace outgoing Premier Gary Doer.
Doer was introduced Friday in Ottawa as Canada's next ambassador to the United States, a day after surprising many political observers by announcing he was stepping down as premier.
No one in the party is tipping their hand as to who Doer's possible successor might be. Bill Blaikie, the popular former NDP MP who is now a provincial MLA, is widely viewed as an obvious choice.
Potential candidates also include high-profile MLAs such as Finance Minister Greg Selinger, Health Minister Theresa Oswald, Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Steve Ashton and federal MP Pat Martin, among others.
When Ashton called a press conference Friday afternoon, there was speculation it was to announce he was throwing his hat into the leadership ring. Instead, Ashton told reporters the day belongs to Doer and that the entire cabinet is proud of his appointment.
When pressed on whether he would take a shot at the premier's chair, Ashton was non-committal but said he expects it to be a great race because there are several strong candidates.

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