Sunday, August 2, 2009

Liberal fundraising and the Ignatieff effect...

This is from the CBC.
Perhaps it is the Harper effect. Many are fed up with Harper and see Ignatieff as a safe and reactionary enough alternative. After all someone who supports the Oil Sands Development can't be that bad for business. Who knows maybe the Liberals will win a seat or so in Edmonton or Calgary. Once polls perk up and money gushes Ignatieff may invest in a fall election and hope for a gusher of votes that will give him a majority.

The Ignatieff effect?

The federal Liberal party doesn't appear to be suffering from the global economic crisis.

Newly released fundraising figures show the Grits raked it in this past spring.

The party raised almost $3.9-million dollars in the the second quarter of 2009. That is more than four times the amount it brought in during the same period a year ago.

The Liberals aren't being shy about what's making the difference either: One party official calls it the "Ignatieff effect."

James Fitz-Morris
Last year, of course, St├ęphane Dion was the Liberal leader and many Grits weren't exactly rallying to the cause.

Another factor this year is that the party has paid much more attention to the process of fundraising and to trying to enlarge their base of support.

This time last year the Liberals had about 9,000 or so contributors. This year there are closer to 19,000.

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