Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ignatieff tries to dispel election rumours.

Obviously Ignatieff thinks that there can be good government even with the Conservatives in power. Must be because there is a coalition agreement between them and the Conservatives. If the Conservatives alone can provide good government why bother voting for the Liberals? Ignatieff is hopeless as a leader. He is so busy thinking and worrying about Conservative criticism if he promotes specific policies that he comes out looking like a scared lame duck leader.
Layton will be happy if Ignatieff continues denying that he will force an election. Layton can go on opposing the Conservatives and the Liberals without worrying about an election being called.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff tries to dispel election rumours in Yellowknife
August 25, 2009 - 11:42
YELLOWKNIFE - Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is showing the party flag in the Northwest Territories.
During a visit to Yellowknife Ignatieff tried to dispel rumours of a fall election. He says federal Liberals want good government, not an election.

But he says Canada has a $50 billion deficit and 1.5 million unemployed and the Harper government isn't doing enough to deal with the situation.

Ignatieff says it's important for Northerners to be involved with and benefit from local resource industries such as diamond mining and natural gas.
During his visit Ignatieff visited a diamond polishing operation, toured the Buffalo Airways hangar and spent time with kids at the Yellowknife Daycare Association.

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