Monday, April 7, 2008

Premier Wall (Saskatchewan) intends to sue Canadian Press.

This seems a bit odd. Wall was in the same video. Wall will be fortunate if he is not sued for defamation by Roy Romanow. Or perhaps some Ukrainian-Canadian agency could sue Wall for his mimicking a Ukrainian accent in deriding Romanow. Romanow with his head up his ass has more sense than Wall. Surely, politicians can expect a rough time from the press. Wall can expect even a rougher time than most now. It is doubtful that the Canadian Press will take him seriously.

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Wall informs news agency of intent to sue

Monday, April 07, 2008

SASKATOON - Premier Brad Wall has sent The Canadian Press a letter claiming he intends to sue the news agency for defamation due to a headline last week linking him with anti-gay comments made by Tory MP Tom Lukiwski.

Ian Hanna, a spokesperson for the premier, said Sunday that Wall plans to make a public statement on the issue today.

Last Thursday, the provincial NDP released recently discovered video footage of staffers in a Progressive Conservative office during the 1991 election campaign.

Regina MP Tom Lukiwski, then a political organizer, is shown holding a beer bottle and referring to homosexuals as "faggots with dirt on their fingernails that transmit diseases."

In a separate clip, Wall, a 26-year-old campaign staffer, puts on a Ukrainian accent and says then-NDP leader Roy Romanow "has his head up his ass."

Both Lukiwski and Wall quickly apologized for their comments on the video.

Wall also said Lukiwski's remarks were unacceptable and he would distance himself from Lukiswki if he still held those views.

Lukiwski, a married father of two grown sons, apologized to his gay and lesbian friends and colleagues, the wider gay and lesbian community, his family, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, his staff, his Regina and area riding and the rest of the province last week.

"I deeply regret and I have deep remorse for my words of 17 years ago, but I can assure you . . . that I will spend the rest of my career and my life trying to make up for those shameless comments," said Lukiwski, who was previously employed as the general manager for the Saskatchewan Party.

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