Monday, April 21, 2008

Tories overspend by 1 million...

According to the headline at the CBC article.

Tories overspent on election by $1M: HQ raid warrant

There must be a lot of support by Big Moneybags for the Tories if they are able to overspend by one million bucks. The in and out scheme that elections Canada says is illegal is supposed to be used by other parties according to the Conservatives. The other parties must be better at it since none of them are charged!
The Conservatives talk about Elections Canada initiating a media farce and then they themselves bar certain media representatives from a meeting that revealed to a select group some aspects of the warrants! No wonder some generals look good to many Canadians!

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leftdog said...

They really should stop squriming; it is almost embarrassing to watch how they are reacting to this story.

I am quite concerned by the accusations they are making that Elections Canada officials (whom they appointed) are biased in favour of the Liberals!

On the heels of the Liberals 'Adscam' antics, is it any wonder that so many Canadians are cynical?

Good post!