Sunday, May 6, 2012

Student leaders and Quebec officials reach tentative deal that may end tuition conflict

After a battle that has been ongoing for three months a possible deal has been worked out between provincial officials and leaders of the three main student unions. The deal will involve what students hope would be equivalent to a six month freeze on tuition hikes and ongoing talks.

The Quebec premier Jean Charest must call an election by 2013. The deal and the student strikes will no doubt be an issue. Most Quebeckers support the government raising tuition but at the same most also disapprove of Charest and his government.

While the government refers to the deal as an agreement the student leaders call it an offer. Members of the unions will still need to vote on the deal. There was still a demonstration in Montreal last night.

An earlier demonstration in Victoriaville Quebec led to violence. One protester lost the use of an eye due to his injuries. Another protester has a skull fracture. Quebec police arrested 109 people many pulled off a bus that was returning back to Montreal.

The students were able to achieve agreement to establish a committee that would have oversight of university finances. Any savings identified would be applied to reduce student fees. For more see this article.

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