Saturday, May 26, 2012

Student groups file legal challenge against Bill 78

Friday student federations and other groups filed motions against Quebec Bill 78 whose main aim is to limit student protests. The bill sets out stringent rules governing demonstrations. Any demonstration of more than 50 people must give 8 hours notice to police. The organizers must give details as to the route time and duration of the protest. The students are supported in their legal challenge by labour federations and other groups.

Leo Bureau-Blouin head of the college student federation said:"We are doing this because we are genuinely worried that basic important rights such as freedom of association, freedom of expression and the right to hold peaceful demonstrations are being attacked," Many community groups, ecologists, and individual artists also support the challenge.

The first of the two motions presented will be heard next Wednesday. This will involve just a temporary suspension of the law. The second motion would strike down the law as unconstitutional. There is an anti-mask bylaw in Montreal that may be challenged as well. For more see this article. The students have been protesting tuition hikes for months now.

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