Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Parliamentary Budget Officer stymied by lack of detailed information on budget cuts

The Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page has been trying to obtain specific information on Conservative budget cuts outlined in the recent budget. He has not had much luck.

Page asked all departments about a month ago to fill out a form that would detail their plans to cut their budgets. However only a few departments have even replied and the savings detailed represent just .06 per cent of the planned budget cuts!

The budget bill projected savings of 5.2 billion a year and did list cuts for each department but with little detail. Paige has been unable to find out much more. There are many other concerns about the budget bill.

The bill contains much more than just the implementation of the budget. The bill has over a hundred pages that deal with an overhaul of environmental regulations. The opposition wants to split these off for separate consideration. I have included a video dealing with this issue. Environmentalists are up in arms over these provisions. For more see this Globe and Mail article.

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