Sunday, May 27, 2012

Quebec student leaders to negotiate with Charest government

The federation of Quebec university students says that negotiations between leaders of the three main groups and the provincial government will resume on Monday May 28. More than a month has passed since negotiations broke off. There have been nightly protests in Montreal for 33 days now.

The same day as negotiations begin Quebec's festival season begin. Organizers worry that protests will keep tourists away from events.Gilbert Rozon founder of the Just for Laughs comedy festival said:“I’m concerned about the whole tourism industry because it’s one of the major industries in Quebec,” “It's $11 billion every year and 400,000 employees, so it's a lot, a lot of business and … we're losing a lot of reservations — people are cancelling.” Student leaders have said there are no plans to disrupt any events. For more see this article.

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