Sunday, April 25, 2010

Winnipeg Journalist Val Werier honored.

I knew Val personally as we served on the Manitoba Law Reform Commission long ago. I always admired him as a journalist and he contributed a great deal to the work of the Commission. He was always urging the members who were mostly lawyers to use simple straightforward language in our reports. He is 93 already, means I must be a few years older too since that was back in the days when Ed Schreyer was premier. This is from winnipegfreepres.

Winnipeg Free Press - PRINT EDITION
Werier honoured for Lake Winnipeg columns

VAL Werier's relationship with Lake Winnipeg has lasted a lifetime.
That's part of the reason why the Lake Winnipeg Foundation has awarded the longtime journalist the Alexander Bajkov Award for his writings on the massive body of water and its importance to the makeup of Manitoba.
"I've won a few awards in my time but this one is special," Werier said Friday.
For over 70 years, Werier has served as a reporter and story-teller in this province. Lake Winnipeg has been his focus for most of that time, from the days of camping up in Boundary Park as a teenager to present-day cottage ownership in the region.
Werier, who turns 93 in June, is as passionate as ever about the lake.
"I've written about that lake going back 50 years," said Werier, who still works as a freelance columnist for the Free Press. "I feel it is the most important thing in our province; it's a source of our power, it's a source of beauty and it's a source of our great heritage."
The Alexander Bajkov award is presented to a person or group who has contributed to the health of Lake Winnipeg.
"(Werier's) legacy of many impassioned columns has stirred citizen awareness and activism as well as focused public policy issues," LWF president Bruce Smith said in a release.

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