Friday, April 9, 2010

Majority of Canadians oppose extending Afghan mission.

Opposition to extending the mission even extends to a majority of Conservatives. Of course New Democrats and Green Party members and the Bloc Quebecois strongly disapprove of extension. In European countries with Afghan missions majorities are opposed as well. Soon the same thing may happen in the U.S. as casualties continue. This is from the CBC.

Don't extend Afghan mission, Canadians say: poll

CBC News
A majority of Canadians oppose prolonging the country's military mission in Afghanistan, a new EKOS poll suggests. (EKOS)
Half of Canadians do not support the country's military being deployed to Afghanistan, and 60 per cent oppose extending the mission past its current end date of July 2011, a new poll suggests.

The poll, conducted by research firm EKOS and released Thursday exclusively to the CBC, found 36 per cent of respondents supported the mission, though only 28 per cent would be amenable to prolonging it.

The survey, which also inquired about federal voter intentions, asked two questions on the Afghan deployment: "Do you support or oppose Canadian military participation in Afghanistan?" and "Do you oppose or support Canada extending its mission in Afghanistan?"

Opposition to the mission echoes results from last summer, when an EKOS poll found 54 per cent of respondents didn't want Canadian troops in the central Asian country. Since then, the federal government has been embroiled in questions about whether it knew that many detainees captured by the Canadian Forces were being tortured once handed over to Afghan troops.

The staunchest aversion to the current mission came from respondents who also signalled voter support for the Green Party, the New Democrats and the Bloc Québécois, while Conservative backers were the firmest proponents of the military's presence in Afghanistan.

Regionally, opposition to the mission was most intense in Quebec and Ontario, with support strongest in the Prairies.

As for extending the Canadian military's deployment, more than half of respondents of all political leanings disliked the idea, with even a majority of Tory sympathizers opposing it.

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