Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ignatieff changes tune on health user fees.

The great Harvard human rights prof. thinks its OK to force a dress code on Muslim women for them to get provincial services and then he also applauds a move by Quebec Premier Jean Charest to impose a 25 dollar medical visit charge which would presumably violate the Canada Health Act that prohibits user fees. Perhaps he read the Act or perhaps his party read him the riot act. In any case he repented but did not apologize of course. Maybe the Liberals should bring Dion back or at least send Iggy to join Dion. This is from

Ignatieff thinks again on health user fees
Facing Liberal revolt, he now opposes Quebec’s proposal

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has been quick lately to show he’s on-side with moves by Quebec’s provincial Liberal government. When Premier Jean Charest moved to force fully veiled Muslim women to remove their niqabs to get some provincial services, Ignatieff quickly voiced his approval. Similarly, he was fast to say he thought a Quebec plan to study imposing a $25 per medical visit charge, to be implemented through the income tax system, didn’t violate the Canada Health Act. But after a grassroots revolt in his party, Ignatieff now says, wait a minute, the Quebec idea would break the federal law against user fees.

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