Thursday, May 10, 2007

When in doubt pledge more tax cuts!

Oh happy day for the Canadian Taxpayer's Assoc! Everyone wants better hospitals, roads, parks, police services and on and on but lower taxes. Of course every politician promises all of these and even more! And of course the tax cutters always promise that the difference will be made up by economic growth, cutting fat, and the super efficient lean govt. that they will run. Fairy tales are not just for kids!

May 9, 2007
Manitoba Tories eye more tax cuts

Manitoba Tories appear to be looking to tax cuts as the best way to victory in the May 22 provincial election.

Tory Leader Hugh McFadyen says he’ll cut the middle-income tax rate from 12.75% to 10.5% over four years if his party is elected.

McFadyen says he would also raise Manitoba’s income tax brackets every year to match inflation, something most other provinces already do.

The tax cuts would cost the province $172 million by year four — money McFadyen says the province can make up through increases in other revenues such as federal transfer payments and pumped up economic growth.

Earlier in the campaign, McFadyen promised to cut the provincial sales tax from seven to six per cent.

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