Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Manitoba Election Results 2007

Although results are not final, it looks as if the Conservatives will end up with a few less seats than last time around and the NDP with a couple more. The Liberals are stuck at the two they had before.

I haven't looked at results in all the key ridings but Minnedosa stayed Conservative as did my constituency Russell but just to the north in Dauphin Roblin the NDP won again. No huge surprise there. Brandon East elected Drew Caldwell the NDP member again and the NDP is leading by around 100 votes with just a few polls left in Brandon West. It looks as if the NDP will hold La Verendrye although it is very close. The NDP swept the north and has overpowered the Conservatives in Winnipeg.

Update: With all polls reporting Borotsik seems to have captured Brandon West for the Conservatives but the margin is so small there will no doubt be a recount. It is less than a hundred votes. The NDP held La Verendrye by a decent margin actually.

The final result looks to be 37 for NDP 18 for Conservatives and 2 for Liberals 0 for any other parties such as Greens and Communists. The results could change by one or two seats either way but no more.


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