Sunday, July 15, 2012

Parts of Central and Eastern Canada suffering drought conditions

  As in the U.S. there are parts of  Canada that are experiencing drought conditions. David Philips a Canadian climatologist said that there no question it was a drought and on top of  that in many places there is a heat wave as well.  Record temperatures have been set in Ontario, Quebec as well as the Atlantic provinces.
    A farmer in Simcoe Ontario said that his yields would be half of normal. He said that not only will he feel the pain but as supplies dwindle prices we increase and hurt the consumer as well.
   Quebec apple farmers are also expecting reduced yields, about a 15 per cent decrease from last year. As in the U.S. corn is also hard hit by the lack of rain. During the past few weeks the price of corn has gone about 30 per cent. However if good rains come within the next two weeks the situation will be much improved.
  Apple growers in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia have been dealing with 30 degree temperatures (Celsius) for almost a week. Irrigation ponds are becoming perilously low. For more see this article.

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