Sunday, July 8, 2012

Canada silences short wave broadcasting

 For 67 years Radio Canada International broadcast short wave programming around the world. The transmission  from Sackville New Brunswick has now been shut down. Radio Canada International has had its budget cut by 80 per cent and has been reduced to a few staff and a weak web presence.
 As with vinyl records no doubt many think shortwave radio a thing of the past. Yet there are still many strong stations. It is not expensive to provide. Many church groups use it.
 Unlike the Internet which can often be disrupted short wave signals cannot easily be jammed. Many in the world just have no access to phones or electricity let alone the Internet. However battery and hand-cranked short wave radios are ubiquitous.
  In spite of  the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation being a prominent presence in Canada, Canada is just
16th of 18 countries in per capita spending on public broadcasting. Only the U.S. and New Zealand spend less. Conservatives are supposed to respect and encourage tradition. However short wave radio does not bring in any bucks or support the Conservative agenda so it should go For more see this article.

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