Body of Nunavut community mayor finally found

Nunavut is a far northern area of Canada formed in 1999 from part of the Northwest Territories. It is about the size of western Europe but has a population of less than 32,000 people.

Jamesie Kootoo was the mayor of the small village of Kimmirut. Last November 26 he went hunting for a day but never returned. Community members started an exhaustive search but in the winter the weather often prevents searches and after several weeks search efforts were stopped until Spring.

The body was finally found about 50 kilometers north of the village near a large lake. He will be buried next week. Cause of death was not listed but I expect he froze to death. For more see this article. Some traditionalists have noted that snowmobiles can break down and leave a rider stranded while sled dogs are more reliable.


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