Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our new family

Who said I couldn't climb out of the box?

 Bundle of young kittens
 What did you say?
  This is the longest day of the year and I am on the prowl.

I regularly feed stray cats. One of them was a pregnant female and she decided she was going to have kittens at our place. I tried to introduce her to our several sheds and the garage but she ended up having them right beside the house in the flower garden on May 20th.

There were seven in all. My wife found them and said that the mother had tossed out two of the litter. I checked and found that one was still alive and the other stillborn. I put the live one back with the others and it survived to this day.

There are three black with some white and three orange with white. The mother is orange black and white. A couple of weeks back the mother disappeared. We rushed to the vet and bought some kitten milk replacement powder and also a bottle and two syringes. My wife served as mama cat for two feedings.

We put the box with the kittens out on our deck with a partial cover to keep the sun out. I was sitting out in the afternoon enjoying a cup of coffee and took off the top. There was the delinquent mama with the kittens.

The kittens are now in their fifth week. They are exploring and can easily get out of the cardboard box which was their home earlier. I have included some photos. At this stage they are already prancing about.

The mother seems very laid back. Not all momma cats are properly programmed to instinctively do the right thing. In fact some are so stressed out by the birth process that they just take off and leave the litter to die. However at least this momma has stayed long enough that the kittens are now starting to eat solids already. I have appended a number of photos.

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