Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lululemon fastest growing Canadian brand

The list of Best Canadian Brands for 2012 by Omnicon Group now includes Lululemon as number 7 in the top ten Canadian brands. It is the fastest growing within the top ten. Lululemon specializes in yoga and exercise clothing.

The list is published every two years. The value of the brand has nearly tripled in the last two years. The exact increase is 292 per cent. Alfred Dupuy of Interbrand said :“They’re more than apparel. They’re a lifestyle ... they do so much,”

The list is based upon the firms with what they call the biggest "brand value". The list attempts to measure value in terms of marketing and branding power. Companies that depend a great deal upon marketing and brand tend to be over-represented compared to large firms such as Air Canada which does not even make the list.

Toronto Dominion Bank is at the top of the list with a brand value of 9.69 billion dollars. Second was the media giant Thomson Reuters.

Another bank the Royal Bank of Canada was third. RIM maker of the Blackberry was fourth in spite of all its recent troubles and downturn in shares.

Tim Hortons doughnut's and coffee shop came sixth just ahead of Lululemon. Shoppers Drug Mart came 8th next to Lululemon. For more see this article in the Globe and Mail.

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