Friday, June 15, 2012

New one billion dollar bridge announced between Windsor and Detroit

Plans for the new bridge were begun back in 2002. The Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Michigan governor Rick Snyder are to announce the agreement on the bridge today(June 15).

The one billion dollar bridge between Windsor Ontario and Detroit Michigan should ease congestion and facilitate transport of good across the border. Almost half a billion dollars worth of goods passes over the existing Ambassador bridge daily. It is the busiest border crossing in North America.

The Ambassador bridge is privately owned. Key infrastructure edifices such as this are more and more used as a vehicle for private profit rather than being funded by governments as basic infrastructure. Canada apparently offered to buy the Ambassador bridge from billionaire Manuel Moroun in 2009 but he wanted 3 billion dollars plus incentives and talks broke down. Moroun has been in constant hot water with the U.S. government and has even served jail time for contempt of court. Canada has agreed to pay the 550 million in costs for construction on the U.S. side. The money will be recouped through tolls. The area has high unemployment and the construction will provide much needed jobs. For much more see this article.

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