Friday, February 17, 2012

Many cell phone users suffer from nomophobia

No it has nothing to do with gays and lesbians. Nomophobia is fear of being without your cell phone. Nomophobia stands for no mobile phone phobia.

Apparently the fear is quite common. A survey by OnePoll found that 66 per cent of people suffer from nomophobia. The term nomophobia was first used in 2008 and according to the Daily Mail 53 per cent of people qualified as suffering from the phobia.

The OnePoll study surveyed 1,000 for the poll. The fear seems more common among younger groups. Those aged 18 t0 24 had a high 77 per cent reporting the fear whereas the fear dropped to 68 per cen among those 25 to 54. For those older than 55 the rate was 62 per cent. That is still over half though. For more see this CBC article. Forty one per cent of respondents actually had two or more cell phones to ensurre that they are connected to a network at all times.

There is a survey at the bottom of the article. The survey is in a CBC article so is probably a majority of Canadians. The results as of this writing were that just under ten per cent reported nomophobia.. 37 per cent thought being without a cell phone was inconvenient. 35 per cent said that it was no big problem and 18 per cent did not even have a cell phone.

I long ago jettisoned my ancient Motorola and have never replaced it. I only used it for emergencies. Now I rely on my wife being with me! I have a fear of owning a cell phone or yesmophobia.

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