Saturday, February 18, 2012

Canadian seeks help exiting from Bahrain after acquittal of charges

Naser al-Raas is a Kuwaiti born Canadian citizen. He was arrested and accused of taking part in anti-government protests in Bahrain.

Although he won his case al-Raas maintains he was tortured in prison and fears that he will in fact be kidnapped at the airport as happened at the time of his original arrest. He had faced a five-year prison term if he had been convicted.

Al-Raas was on a two-week visit last March with his sisters and fiancee in Manama the capital. But at the airport as he was about to leave he was arrested.

Subsequently he was imprisoned and he claims was beaten with sticks and given electrci shocks. They also made him stand for hours he told a CBC reporter. He wants help from the Canadian embassy. He said:"Yes I requested Canadian counsel because I want someone to be with me at the airport, because that is where I was kidnapped. I was kidnapped and tortured at the airport. I need someone to make sure that I leave safely,"

Al-Raas feared for his health while in custody as he has a heart and lung condition. Prison officials took him to the hospital four times while he was in prison. In two cases he was already unconscious. Al-Raas in an engineer. For much more see this CBC article.

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