Monday, February 27, 2012

13 year old referee ejects hockey mom and coach from game

There is zero tolerance for verbal abuse of officials in youth hockey. In QuispamasisNew Brunswick the police were actually called in after a 13-year-old referee ejected a coach and a hockey mom from the rink after being verbally abused.

The ejected coach of the Saint John Ice Cats was not answering questions today about the incident on Friday. Witnesses confirm that the referee was verbally abused by the coach and the hockey mom. The anti-abuse rule allows officials to stop the game until those responsible for the abuse leave the arena.

The police were called in to make sure that there were no problems when the young official left the arena after the game. The hockey mom involved said that as far as she is concerned the incident is over but that she had no regrets about her verbal jabs at the referee.

It used to be that abuse of officials was as accepted as fighting! For more see this article.

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