Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Canadian naval officer arrested for spying

    Sub. Lieutenant Jeffrey Delisle who lives in the Halifax Nova Scotia area has been arrested on charges that he communicated information to a foreign entity or terrorist group. He has agreed to stay in custody and has not sought bail.
    The alleged incidents in the charge took place between July of 2007 and January of  2011. There is no indication as to what information exactly Delisle is accused of passing on nor to whom it was communicated.
    The charges involve both a breach of trust under the  Criminal Code with up to five years in prison if convicted and under the Security of Information Act that could lead to life in prison.
     Delisle has a long history with Canadian Forces having joined the reserves in 1996 and has been with the regular forces sine 2001. He was promoted in 2008. Delisle worked at HMCS Trinity intelligence. The facility tracks vessels, drones, and underwater devices as they enter and exit Canadian waters. The facility has access to secret NATO data as well. The security breach may have implications as far as other nations sharing sensitive information with Canada. The fact that there is no information at all as to who received the information seems a bit strange. Might this be an ally spying on Canada and so the information would be embarrassing? For more see this CBC article.

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