Sunday, January 15, 2012

Are the Liberals radical monarchists?

     At the Federal Liberal convention that part members voted to retain ties with the monarchy but in a radical move also voted to legalize marijuana. In a move to encourage more people to be involved with the party the convention also passed a motion to a free category of membership. A motion to have U.S. style primaries was also rejected but narrowly.
  The motion to legalize marijuana was proposed by the Young Liberals of Canada. However, passing a resolution is one thing having it as part of the Liberal Platform come election time is quite another. Interim leader Bob Rae was coy about whether he supported legalization and whether it would be in the platform. He was also coy about whether he would be in the running for leader of the party.
    The rules now prohibit Rae from running. However those rules could be changed should the party executive decide it would be a good idea. Rae has been getting a lot of media coverage of late and sounds as if he is campaigning for leader even though he denies it. For much more on the convention see this National Post article.

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