Saturday, January 7, 2012

Canada Party running for U.S. presidency

  A video by a retired U.S. marine suggests that the Canada Party --his own invention--should be the U.S. presidential candidate. Comments have been both favorable and unfavorable but the likes are 3,300 with just 100 dislikes so far.
    The video touts Canadian superiority in various areas but also makes fun of Canada as well including our prime minister Stephen Harper. Chris Cannon is the name the Vancouverite uses on line.
   Cannon claims that he served six years with the U.S. marines including time as an intelligence officer and a counter-terrorism specialist. Now he teaches creative writing at the University of British Columbia. He could teach creative video production if he put his mind to it as well! His video has received more than 27,000 hits since being posted on January 3rd. I am not sure how a party, particularly a foreign party, could run for the U.S. presidency. Perhaps an Israeli party might manage it though.

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