Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reactor shutdown affects hospital isotope supply.

This is from the Globe and Mail.

You would think that the company that supplies the isotopes MDS Nordion would be arranging for supplies from elsewhere given the age and recent history of the Chalk River source. The reactor should have been put out to pasture some time ago and has had a series of shutdowns.

Reactor shutdown affects hospital isotope supply
February 18, 2009
Another shutdown at the aging nuclear reactor in Chalk River, Ont., will leave hospitals with a diminished supply of medical isotopes this week.
The reactor was shut down Sunday to repair a mechanism that extracts the medical isotope rods from the reactor, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited said yesterday. Isotope production continued at a slower pace during the repairs.
Yesterday, the reactor was brought back online, but AECL warned that production of isotopes will be slowed until Saturday.

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