Sunday, February 15, 2009

Harper government wants to hire economist as advisor.

Harper is an economist. Maybe he can advise himself and cut govt. spending. This should please his former bosses at the Canadian Taxpayer's Federation. On the other hand he could hire Nouriel Roubini "Dr Doom"'and get some realistic advice for a change.

Economist wanted, apply OttawaPosted in Political Bytes Posted on February 13, 2009 02:46
Companies across Canada are laying people off. But the department of finance is hiring!
Well, to be fair, it's looking for one person.

Alison Crawford
In a help-wanted ad, published in newspapers across Canada, the department says it's looking for an "experienced financial economist" to act as its Senior Chief of Economic Analysis and Forecasting.
Ideally, Finance says, it is looking for someone with a master's or PhD in economics and a minimum of five years experience in the field.
The lucky candidate's future duties will include providing strategic advice to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, representing Canada at national and international meetings, and improving the department's modelling and forecasting tools. Now that last bit might be of interest to Kevin Page, Canada's parliamentary budget officer. He has a pretty good record when it comes to predicting the financial future.
In November, for example, he accurately forecast a deficit in the billions of dollars at the same time as Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Finance Minister Flaherty were telling Canadians the country would end the fiscal year with a modest surplus.
— Alison Crawford

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