Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ignatieff to keep Harper on short leash!

Harper being such a mad dog, Ignatieff will probably not be able to even get Harper on a leash in the first place. Harper probably has more control over Ignatieff than vice versa. My prediction is that Ignatieff will go along with the Conservative budget, for the good of Canadians of course, even though he might not like it. Unless Harper puts as much poison in the budget as in the economic statement Ignatieff will cave in.

Ignatieff says he’ll try to keep prime minister on a short leashBy THE CANADIAN PRESS

TORONTO — Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is warning Prime Minister Harper he won’t tolerate the misuse of confidence votes or hardball parliamentary tactics when MPs return to the Commons next month to decide the fate of the government.
In a year-end interview with the Globe and Mail, Ignatieff said it’s “unacceptable” for Harper to make “everything a confidence motion.”
The Liberal leader says the prime minister inferred from the Oct. 14 election that “he could try anything he wanted.”
However, Ignatieff adds Harper “grievously underestimated” the Liberal party, adding the prime minister “can’t keep making these misjudgements of the mood of the House and hope to survive.”
Ignatieff says he’s “not optimistic” the government’s Jan. 27 budget will meet the country’s needs, but the Liberal leader says he lives in hope that Harper “will rise to the demands of the hour.”
Even though the Liberals have inked a deal with the New Democrats to take over a governing coalition, Ignatieff suggests he could back away from toppling the government if next month’s budget delivers the slumping economy a big enough shot in the arm.

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