Sunday, December 14, 2008

Canada and Belgium least likely to bribe abroad.

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The United States was ninth in a group of 22 countries but this was still far above the real bad guys. Russia was worst but China, Mexico, and India were not far behind.

Key findings
Belgium and Canada shared first place in the 2008 BPI with a score of 8.8 out of a very clean 10, indicating that Belgian and Canadian firms are seen as least likely to bribe abroad. The Netherlands and Switzerland shared third place on the index, each with a score of 8.7. At the other end of the spectrum, Russia ranked last with a score of 5.9, just below China (6.5), Mexico (6.6) and India (6.8).
The BPI also shows public works and construction companies to be the most corruption-prone when dealing with the public sector, and most likely to exert undue influence on the policies, decisions and practices of governments.

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