Saturday, August 2, 2008

Canada disbands military advisory team in Kabul

This is from CTV.

It seems rather strange that this team was a military group in the first place since what they are advising on has nothing directly to do with military matters.
It must be a bit difficult to give advice on gender equity matters in a country that is strongly influenced by Islamic fundamentalism.

Canada disbands military advisory team in Kabul

Updated Sat. Aug. 2 2008 7:35 AM ET

The Canadian Press

KABUL -- The Department of National Defence says it is disbanding the Canadian Forces Strategic Advisory Team in Afghanistan and moving toward a civilian-led governance support office.

The team comprised of military officers and foreign affairs officials is responsible for advising the Afghan government in Kabul.

Ottawa says the team has completed its mandate and will shut down at the end of the current troop rotation later this month.

Since 2005, the team has provided strategic advice and support to the Afghan government on things like gender equity policy, public administration reform, education, justice and development.

Ottawa says the Governance Support Office, a new Kabul-based organization led by the Canadian International Development Agency, will take over the role of advising the Afghan government.

Canada is expected to now focus on the technical and project implementation phase of Afghanistan's development strategy.

Ottawa says the change reflects Canada's plan to focus more on development and diplomacy in the lead up to 2011 when the military mission in Kandahar is slated to end.

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