Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Layton Letter to Robert Ouellet

Actually Layton and Ouellet are in agreement about enlarging the scope of the system. Layton does not mention using other countries as models but there certainly are European models that could be emulated. However Ouellet picks the UK where a parallel private system has if anything created even more problems for the public system. Layton neglects to mention that one of the problems in the Canadian system is that the percentage of costs paid by the federal government has been declining causing considerable pressure on poorer provinces.

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Jack Layton's letter to the new President of the CMA Robert Ouellet
Robert Ouellet, MDPresident, Canadian Medical Association1867 Alta Vista DriveOttawa, ON K1G 5W8
Dear Dr. Ouellet,
I would like to congratulate you on your recent election as president of the Canadian Medical Association.
As a strong advocate of our universally accessible public health care system, I am, however, disturbed at your reported comments concerning the need to completely “transform” health care in Canada to accommodate increased for-profit services.
Long wait-times, the shortage of medical professionals, and rising health costs, are problems that will not be solved by creating a parallel private healthcare system.
There are many challenges facing the healthcare system, but if I can borrow words from your latest speech to the CMA, “we can do it.” We need to start by addressing the shortage of physicians and nurses. By increasing opportunities for training and educating health professionals we can reduce wait times and improve access for all Canadians. We also need to make use of the increased benefits of technology, and introduce a comprehensive drug management plan. We need to share and build on best practices from across the country and help spur reform through innovation. These are just a few of the changes that will offer significant improvement to our public health care system, will continue quality care for ordinary Canadians and will preserve our universal not-for-profit health care system.
Public healthcare is still the best way to take care of the majority people for the least amount of money. Opening up the healthcare system to the corporate health care industry will only increase costs and decrease access. We hope that organizations like the CMA will work with us and groups like Canadian Doctors for Medicare and the Canadian Health Coalition to improve our healthcare system.
The federal NDP team is determined to help implement health care solutions and deliver to Canadians the high quality and innovative health care services they deserve.
I look forward to working with you over the coming year in advancing these and other innovations within the public system.
Sincerely,Jack Layton, MP (Toronto-Danforth)Leader, New Democratic Party of Canada
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