Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nissan has new nanny gas pedal

This might be a bit of a bother when accelerating to pass vehicles. On the other hand perhaps it would provide foot strengthening exercise. Of course you can switch it off and on but that is a bit of a bother. Maybe Conservatives will not buy it because they will associate it with the nanny state and foreign influences as well.
No doubt the device will not encourage police forces to buy Nissans but it might discourage some reckless high speed chases!

Nissan gas pedal to push back when drivers floor it
Nanny device educates drivers about saving fuel
The Associated Press
Nissan Motor Co. will soon sell cars with an accelerator that pushes back when drivers try to put the pedal to the metal.
It has also developed a test model packed with additional sensor technology to help vehicles avoid crashes.
Nissan's prototype has sensors at its back and side that turn on alarms and activate brakes to help avoid collisions. The system also helps the vehicle maintain a safe distance from the car in front, as well as preventing it from veering off its lane, Nissan said Tuesday.
Nissan has said it hopes to halve the number of traffic accidents or serious injuries involving Nissan vehicles in Japan by 2015 compared with 1995 levels.
Nissan's "Eco pedal" system — promoted as being both green and safe — makes the gas pedal press upward when it senses motorists are speeding up too quickly.
Nissan said in a news release Monday the system, which will be available next year, can help drivers improve fuel efficiency by five to 10 per cent.
System to boost fuel efficiency
The system calculates the most efficient rate of acceleration in a vehicle based on how fast fuel is being burned and other factors and causes the gas pedal to push back to alert overzealous drivers. A meter on the dashboard flashes and changes colors to help drive the message home.
Nissan said the system is designed to help drivers become more fuel efficient behind the wheel. Part of the company's strategy for reducing carbon dioxide emissions is modifying driving behaviour.
Drivers can also opt to switch the system off.
Soaring gas prices and worries about global warming are pressuring automakers to introduce ecological products. Automakers are also trying to add value to their offerings by beefing up safety features.

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