Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Who leads the Federal Liberals?

For some unfathomable reason the media who love to talk about everything from body language to what ties someone wears have said virtually nothing about the fact that the Liberal responses to the THrone speech last night were almost entirely by Michael Ignatieff. THere was a short response by Dion but it sounded as if it also was written by Ignatieff. Who leads the Liberal party? Dion seems incapable of giving the Liberal response to the Throne speech. He is unable to convince any of his trusted MP's to take on a vacant position in Quebec. He lets Rae praise the Harper panel a move that means that Harper simply ignores Dion's demand that Harper announce withdrawal from the combat mission in Afghanistan in Feb. 2009.He can't save his key aide from attacks by other Liberals eventually leading to his resignation.
There will be a caucus meeting this morning in which the leaders of the party will write the script for Dion. Dion will end up not defeating the Throne speech and facing the Omnibus Crime Bill shortly. Probably the leaders will say that is OK too.

I may be wrong. Dion claims people underestimate him and rumor has it that he is in favor of an election now. Why doesn't he quit being so shy and show us what he is really made of then?

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