Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Liberal Response to Speech from the Throne.

This is from the official Liberal website. There is so much rhetoric and static in the article that I have taken the liberty of placing the actual meaning in simple terms in parentheses.

Liberal Opposition Responds to Speech from the Throne
October 17, 2007
Despite the many shortcomings of the Conservative government’s second Speech from the Throne, the Liberal Opposition will do everything in its power to make Parliament work for Canadians, Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion said today.( The speech contains a lot counter to our policies but our ratings are low and we are not ready for an election. Therefore we will not vote against the throne speech and will pass the Conservative's bills.)

“The Prime Minister and his government may grow increasingly frustrated by an Official Opposition that stops them from fully implementing their very conservative agenda, but this Official Opposition is determined to respond to the will of Canadians, and to make this Parliament work,” said Mr. Dion in his official response to the Throne Speech. ( We will go spend a lot of time delaying bills and declaring our undying opposition and this may frustrate the Conservatives. But we will eventually pass their bills because we are down in the polls)

Mr. Dion explained that Liberals will continue to look for action from the Conservative government on issues that matter to Canadians. These include combating the climate change crisis, defining Canada’s role in Afghanistan, addressing the emerging pressures on our economy and tackling the challenges of poverty. ( We will make a lot of noise and useless gestures in parliament that make us look as if we might be an opposition. But don't be fooled when the crunch comes we will vote for bills if we must.)

As the Official Opposition, the Liberal Party will also make sure that the initiatives of this government will not in any way diminish the value of the federal spending power as a tool to promote social progress for Canadians.( We actually can't prevent the Conservatives from doing this but we put this in because it sounds good)

The Liberal team will propose amendments to find solutions to correct the shortcomings of the Conservatives’ vague agenda. (Of course these amendments will be defeated but we must look to be doing something.)

“Canadians can count on the Official Opposition to do everything it can to make this Parliament work,” said Mr. Dion. “To that end, we will not make the government fall on its Throne Speech, which would cause a third general election in four years – something Canadians have clearly shown they do not want.” ( Rest assured we are not going to effectively challenge Conservative rule. We are giving them a mandate to govern. Since Canadians don't want an election this must be what they want. We are giving them a majority without the expense and trouble of an election.)

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