Friday, July 13, 2007

King Abdullah seeks Canadian Help in Mideast

So Harper is going to take a hard stance against organisations that use violence and terrorism to solve problems. However Fatah from time to time engages in terrorist attacks. I saw Harper on TV and he said that the Palestinians did not vote for extremism. Well they voted for Hamas Stephen. So I guess you must think that Hamas is not extremist. You better deal with them then.
Of course Israel engages in collective punishment destroying houses from which they think there was or might have been attacks coming from or which belong to militants. They also engage in targetted killings that often as well kill innocent bystanders. Of course this justice where Israel is accuser, judge, and executioner is not regarded as terrorism. What Harper says is surely nonsense. Most countries and particularly his beloved United States regularly use violence in an attempt to solve problems. Will he not deal with them?
King Abdullah speaks perfect English and he makes more sense than Harper.

Mideast peace 'cannot be done alone': Jordanian king
Last Updated: Friday, July 13, 2007 | 8:12 AM ET
CBC News
Jordan's King Abdullah pressed Canada on Friday to take an active role in renewing the Mideast peace process, calling the next few weeks critical.

Bringing peace to the Israelis and Palestinians "cannot be done alone," the king stressed at a news conference with Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

"The next couple of weeks and months are going to be critical in bringing the Israelis and the Palestians together in launching the process forward," the king said.

"We are both resolved to promoting peace in the region," Harper agreed.

But he made it clear that as far as the Canadian government is concerned, the only way to reach a lasting settlement in the the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is to reach "in some form or another, a two-state solution."

The prime minister also said Canada will continue to take a hard stance on violence and terrorism and won't deal with organizations that use them as a means to solve problems.

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Other issues discussed during the trip include:

A possible free-trade deal between Canada and Jordan that could begin as early as next year.
Additional aid to Jordan in the areas of literacy, landmine clearance and local elections.
Ways to strengthen security and stability in Iraq and Lebanon.
Abdullah was also reportedly seeking Canadian help in building two nuclear power plants in his country, one of the few Mideast countries with no oil or natural gas resources.

Jordan is also one of the few Arab states to recognize Israel and Abdullah is actively trying to kick-start a new peace process.

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