Saturday, July 14, 2007

Aboriginal Women protest Canadian refusal to sign UN declaration

I hate articles such as this that do not say why Canada did not sign the declaration. I assume it has to do with aboriginal land claims, that the government does not want to provide any ammunition for negotiators on the aboriginal side. Imagine even the US signed the document. Harper is siding with Russia and not with the US, that must be a first!

Aboriginal women protest Ottawa's refusal to back UN declaration
Last Updated: Friday, July 13, 2007 | 5:03 PM ET
CBC News
Aboriginal women from across North and South America marched through the Kahnawake reserve south of Montreal on Friday to protest against Ottawa's refusal to adopt the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

About 40 women took part in the march following the Fifth Continental Meeting of Indigenous Women of the Americas, which was held this week in the Mohawk reserve.

Hosted by Quebec Native Women Inc., with support from the group Rights and Democracy, the meeting brought together more than 250 women from 17 countries, including Chile, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Nicaragua, Venezuela, the United States and Canada.

Rights and Democracy spokeswoman Marie L├ęger said the march was meant to send a message to the federal government.

"The indigenous women say, 'We are in Canada. Canada is not supporting the declaration. We really call upon Canada to change its position and support the declaration, because it is very meaningful."

Ellen Gabriel, president of Quebec Native Women, said Canada presents itself as a defender of human rights, but it's not living up to that reputation. "It's kind of hypocritical of Canada not to support this declaration," she said.

Meeting delegates said Canada's Conservative government erred when it announced it would not support the UN declaration, which upholds aboriginal peoples' land rights and ways of life.

The previous Liberal government had endorsed the declaration but Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative government backed away from the UN document.

Only one other country, Russia, has refused to support it at the Human Righ

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I don't think the US did vote for it, nor Australia ...