Thursday, July 12, 2007

Harper to help Fatah Palestinian Authority

Harper set to join US-Israeli policy towards Fatah would be a more accurate headline. The new government was formed without reference to the duly elected Hamas members who won a majority in election. The fact that many are now simply scooped up by Israel and put in jail and even the taxes collected were denied the government when Hamas was in the unity govt. is ignored. The US and Israel have been helping to train and arm some Fatah members. Now running-dog Harper salivating as he tries to be lead dog in the US-Israel team curries favor with his master by releasing aid. The starving Palestinians in Gaza will just have to wake up and smell the coffee and ditch Hamas.

Harper set to restore funding to Palestinian Authority
PM pledges $8 million in immediate funding, to grow to $35 million
Last Updated: Thursday, July 12, 2007 | 1:04 AM ET
CBC News
Prime Minister Stephen Harper will pledge $8 million in funding for the Palestinian Authority on Thursday, marking an end to the Canadian aid freeze to the area, the Canadian Press is reporting.

In exchange for the money, Harper will ask that the Palestinian government, led by President Mahmoud Abbas, crack down on the corruption that exists in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, the Canadian Press said Wednesday, citing a government source.

The aid will quickly be increased to $30 million, the source said.

Harper is to make his announcement in Ottawa during a visit by King Abdullah of Jordan, who has been trying to drum up international support for Abbas.

Canada was one of the first western countries to cut off funding after Hamas, considered a terrorist group by some, won the January 2006 Palestinian election.

The Western boycott was one of the factors that prompted Hamas to form a coalition government with rival Abbas and his Fatah party in March 2007.

That unity government fell apart last month after Hamas launched a six-day gun battle and seized the Gaza Strip. In response, Abbas ousted Hamas from the unity government, which still has control of the West Bank.

Prior to the western boycott, Canada had been sending millions in aid to the Palestinians — $35 million in 2005 alone.

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