Sunday, June 10, 2007

Saskatchewan Party ahead in Sask.

This is from an From what I hear if there is an election the NDP would suffer a devastating defeat retaining only a few city seats.


The Saskatchewan Party remains in first place. Support for the governing NDP has declined, to the benefit of the third-place Liberals.

After levelling off in the previous quarter, support for the Saskatchewan Party (SP) continues to hold steady this quarter. It receives the support of half (48%) of decided voters in the province; this figure is essentially unchanged from December 2006, but is nine points higher than its popular vote in the November 2003 election.

After improving for two consecutive quarters, support for the second-place NDP has declined. Moreover, the gap between the governing NDP and the SP has more than doubled - from eight points in December to 19 points this quarter. The NDP currently has the support of 29 percent of decided voters, down nine points from December 2006, and now 15 points lower than its popular vote in the 2003 election.

Support for the Liberals has increased - at the expense of the NDP - and they now receive the support of 21 percent of decided voters. This figure is up seven points from December 2006, and is seven points higher than their share of the popular vote in the 2003 election.

One percent of decided voters support other minor parties. Sixteen percent of eligible voters express no party preference

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