Wednesday, March 7, 2007

US investigation of Arar case getting nowhere

I wonder if Leahy will actually institute his own probe or just let sleeing dogs lie.

March 1, 2007

U.S. senators' Arar probe blocked

WASHINGTON -- U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy said yesterday American investigators are getting stonewalled in internal reviews of the case of Canadian engineer Maher Arar.

In letters to the independent investigative arms of the homeland security and justice departments, Leahy said he wants to know the status of any probes.

And he noted that a former homeland official reported delays and obstruction in July 2004 in obtaining documents and interviewing officials about Arar.

Leahy, chairman of the Senate judiciary committee, and ranking Republican Sen. Arlen Specter also want the U.S. government accountability office to conduct an inquiry into whether people like Arar can effectively challenge their presence on terrorist watch lists.

Arar can't fly into the U.S. despite being exonerated by a Canadian inquiry of any terrorist ties. He was detained by U.S. officials in New York in 2002 and deported to Syria, where he was interrogated and tortured.

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