Wednesday, March 28, 2007

NDP member calls for probe of US deserter's arrest.

Why was he not allowed to dress before being taken to the cell! This same fellow actually went back to the US believing he had a deal that would see him discharged with no jail time but when he got back to Kentucky they ordered him to join his unit in Missouris. He then went into hiding again and is now back in Canada. He warns deserters not to go back because the military cannot be trusted if they make a deal.

NDP calls for Ottawa to probe U.S. deserter's arrest
Last Updated: Wednesday, March 28, 2007 | 4:12 PM PT
CBC News
The NDP are asking the federal government to look into the arrest of an American military deserter in Nelson, B.C.

Alex Atamanenko, who represents the riding of British Columbia Southern Interior, told CBC News Wednesday he suspects the Nelson police were responding to a request from the U.S. army in February when they put Kyle Snyder in jail.

Wearing only his boxer shorts, Snyder was held in a cell for several hours before he was released after agreeing to a future meeting with immigration officials.

Snyder was not charged and police won't say what prompted his arrest.

Snyder, 23, who says he is applying for permanent residence in Canada, is wanted by the U.S. army because he deserted in 2005 after fighting in Iraq.

Atamanenko said Snyder should not have been arrested because being absent without leave from a foreign military is not an extraditable offence and Snyder has no criminal record.

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The incident left the MP wondering whether other young Americans are being arrested.

"Our concern is that there could be other Kyle Snyders in Canada," Atamanenko said. "We know that there are a couple of hundred other war resisters here. Are there those that are being apprehended now?"

In a written statement, Nelson's police chief has said Abbotsford police will investigate the Nelson force's actions, and Abbotsford's chief will have the authority to take disciplinary action.

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