Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Police move to evict Occupy Toronto protesters

  Police have moved into to evict Occupy Toronto protesters from their camp in St. James Park. As of this posting there had been quite a bit of shouting from protesters after tents were tagged and then removed.
   The protesters have been in the park since Oct. 15.  However, one woman has been arrested by police. An eviction order was upheld by a judge yesterday.
   A few protesters have chained themselves to a yurt that had not yet been removed. It is used as a library. An estimated 200 protesters remain in the camp so there could very well still be confrontations between police and protesters.
    The protesters are considering a move to a different public space in the downtown area. In Vancouver Occupy Vancouver protesters moved their protest to a different park after being ordered to move off courthouse grounds. For more see this article.

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