Sunday, December 27, 2009

Rough Year for Alberta Health Bosses.

There is nothing about the bosses being fired or about their pay being cut. The real rough year is for the clients of the system. The system has been centralised in a Super Board so the real losers are all those local boards who were simply shut down to completely sabotage any real local control over the system. From 660news.

Rough year for Alberta health bosses
Kelly Turner Dec 26, 2009 09:11:50 AM
From hospital bed closures to colossal line-ups for the H1N1 vaccine program, it's been a rough year for Alberta's Health bosses.

So much so, that Liberal Health Critic Kevin Taft says Health Minister Ron Liepert and Alberta Health CEO Stephen Duckett should be run out of town for what they've done to health care in Alberta.

Alberta Health also came under fire in September, after it announced plans to close 300 acute care beds in Calgary and Edmonton.

Alberta Health says it plans on creating 800 community living spaces for patients instead, something that is expected to save $50 million.

According to the Calgary Sun, both Liepert and Duckett have declined year end interviews.

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