Wednesday, December 30, 2009

66 per cent of Canadians say Afghan war is unwinnable.

Nevertheless Canadians continue to die and taxpayers continue to pay and even after the date for the combat mission expires Harper in consultation with Obama will continue to find something for us to do and Canada will probably stay to continue our role as junior partner to the US empire. Just this evening there is a report that five more Canadians have been killed including a journalist from the Calgary Herald. The article below is from presstv.

Canadians say Afghan war unwinnable
Tue, 29 Dec 2009 05:50:26 GMT
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Two out of three Canadians say a victory in Afghanistan is impossible.
As new troops pack their bags to go to the war in Afghanistan, a new poll shows that a majority of Canadians say the eight-year conflict is not winnable.

The Ipsos Reid survey said on Tuesday that 66 percent of Canadians disagreed that "the build-up of troops will ultimately create a military victory over the Taliban."

Only 34 percent of Canadians thought the Afghan war was winnable, the poll found.

The opinion survey of 1,038 adults was conducted on behalf of Canwest News Service and Global National.

Earlier this month, US President Barack Obama ordered an increase of 30,000 forces to the war-torn country. With the extra troops pledged by NATO allies, some 150,000 foreign troops will be stationed in Afghanistan in 2010.

Experts have warned that the new surge will lead to more battles and a higher death rate among foreign soldiers as well as Afghan civilians.

Canada currently has about 2,800 soldiers in southern Kandahar province. Since 2002, 134 Canadian soldiers have died in Afghanistan.


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