Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Buoyed by latest poll PM chides opposition

Given the direction of the polls we could very well see a poison pill soon from Harper. Of course it is quite possible that the NDP might take the pill and commit suicide. The first test may be the harmonised sales tax legislation that the NDP opposes. The Liberals are probably soldiering on voting against the Conservatives because they think this is quite safe. If the polls keep sliding we might find even more dissension in the Liberal party over Ignatieff's leadership. Maybe he should learn to play the piano and sing.

Buoyed by latest poll, PM chides opposition

October 06, 2009
Richard J. Brennan
OTTAWA –Prime Minister Stephen Harper says now that his Conservative Party's popularity has jumped significantly the opposition parties aren't quite so bullish on an election.
"I think one good thing about these polls ... is that it's starting to force some of the other parties to focus on something other than trying to force an election," Harper said in an interview today on CFRB Talk 1010 in Toronto.
A CTV poll released Monday shows the Conservatives flirting with majority government territory with 41 per cent support, Liberals, 28 per cent, the NDP at 14 and the Green and Bloc Quebecois at 9.
Even though the Liberals' non-confidence motion was defeated last Thursday, the Grits say they will continue to take every opportunity to force an election, which Harper says Canadians have clearly said they don't want.
On the economy, Harper said Canada's economic recovery is a fragile one.
"I think there is a very mild recovery, it's a very fragile recovery. We are certainly not out of the woods," he said.
Harper said he doesn't see the recovery kicking in earnest until Canada's unemployment levels - now pegged at 8.6 per cent - drop significantly.
Even though Canada is struggling under a $56-billion deficit, Harper defended the shortfall.
"The fact of the matter is, while the deficit is large, Canada's deficit is relatively quite small. Our debt levels are very low," he said, adding his government must show the "discipline" to end the economic stimulus spending at the end of the recession.

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