Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nova Scotia Tories continue attack on NDP platform

While I support the NDP, it seems to me that the Tory questions are reasonable enough and hardly answered by the ad hominem argument that they are simply baseless and fear mongering. Indeed if the budget is to be cut by one percent it is certainly reasonable to ask where and how. Of course it may not be in health care but something has to be cut. It is interesting that it is the Conservatives who are defending great expenditure and the NDP which wants to cut spending!

Tories continue attack on NDP platform
Last Updated: Saturday, May 30, 2009 3:33 PM ET
CBC News
The Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative party continued to attack the New Democratic Party’s platform, with only nine days left in the provincial election campaign.
Health Minister Karen Casey accused NDP Leader Darrell Dexter of going back on several promises he made in the past year on assistance for seniors.
In a news conference held in Halifax, Casey, PC candidate in the riding of Colchester North, also questioned Dexter’s plan to cut the provincial budget by one per cent.
“That gives me great concern,” Casey told CBC News on Saturday. “Health care amounts to 40 per cent of provincial budget spending. Which programs will he cut? Which Nova Scotians will receive less health care?” she asked.
“If Mr. Dexter is not going to take the money from health care, then he’ll have to take much greater cuts in other departments than he has led Nova Scotians to believe,” Casey said.
The NDP candidate for the riding of Halifax-Needham quickly responded to Casey’s remarks by calling them baseless and fear mongering.
In a news release issued Saturday, Maureen MacDonald characterized Casey’s comments as further evidence that the PC party, including its leader Rodney MacDonald, will say and do anything to cling to power.
All three party leaders were in the Annapolis Valley on Saturday to attend the annual Apple Blossom Festival.

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