Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nova Scotia Liberal candidate says tourists "revolted"by signs in lawns, gardens..

If you can't win the sign war start a new war against signs. No doubt the Liberal could take down all his signs very quickly and get on with campaigning while his opponents would waste valuable time taking down all their signs. Maybe campaign literature should be destroyed too as it is mostly propaganda. Think of all the trees that would be saved. That is surely even a greater benefit than doing away with a bit of visual pollution.

N.S. Liberal candidate says tourists 'revolted' by signs in lawns, gardens
By THE CANADIAN PRESS – 16 hours ago
LUNENBURG, N.S. — A Liberal candidate for the election in Nova Scotia has launched his better lawns and gardens platform.
Rick Welsford, who's running in Lunenburg, has challenged the other local candidates to remove their large, plastic signs from soil and turf. Welsford says it's all about keeping the historic town green - and pleasant for the tourists who help to drive the local economy.
He says tourists are "revolted" when they see gardens littered with campaign signs.
Welsford issued his challenge to the Tories and New Democrats during his closing remarks at a candidates' debate Thursday night in Lunenburg.
He planned to remove his signs immediately after leaving the debate.

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