Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MacKay: Mulroney should be lauded.

If I had to choose between Harper and MacKay I would hold my nose and pick Harper. MacKay is a piece of basic scum. It was MacKay who went back on his word twice and is responsible for the Progressive Conservatives becoming the Regressive Conservatives.
This is from Macleans.
To this day, the unscrupulous continue to dissect footage of MacKay solemnly vowing to leadership rival David Orchard that he will never, ever, enter into merger talks with the Canadian Alliance. At the time, experts in amorality described the move as reminiscent of the Chretien MMCLXII(a.k.a. The "I Said I'd Do WHAT to the GST??")-- but, curiously, the MacKay Mach I seemed more poignant for its boning over of just one man.
Now the legend is back! The MacKay Mach II, unveiled last week, demonstrates the mastery of a promise-breaker at the top of his game. Here's how it works:
Make a promise(in MacKay's case, he promised that no Conservative MP would ever be turfed from caucus for voting according to his or her conscience).
Break the promise(when MP Bill Casey voted with his conscience, he was turfed from caucus).
Smile widely and say, as MacKay did, that you "never believed" anyone would meet the conditions of your promise. Ergo: because you never thought your promise would need to be honoured, you can't possibly be expected to honour your promise.
Note that MacKay thinks of NAFTA as a great triumph. A great triumph of US imperialism in forcing us to share our resources to fuel the empire at bargain prices.

Mulroney and MacKay are two of a kind. Maybe MacKay has hopes of replacing Harper. Ugh!

Mulroney should be lauded: MacKay

By Andrew Mayeda, Canwest News ServiceApril 26, 2009

Defence Minister and former Progressive Conservative leader Peter MacKay says Brian Mulroney should not only be treated with respect, but also "lauded" for his accomplishments as prime minister.
"As Prime Minister Stephen Harper said this week, he's a man who should be respected, and in fact, in my view, lauded, for the contributions that he made during his time in public life," MacKay said of Mulroney in a joint interview this week.
"He brought to our country free trade, (and) an acid-rain treaty. In fact, during his tenure, Canada led the world in the fight to end apartheid in South Africa. So he has a number of very notable accomplishments, (including)two back-to-back majority governments. Mr. Mulroney is a man who gave a great deal of himself to this country and Canada is better for his efforts."
MacKay's comments came at the end of a week in which the Conservatives attempted to smooth a rift within their ranks over what some Mulroney loyalists saw as mistreatment of the former prime minister by the Harper government.
At a caucus meeting on Wednesday, Harper attempted to put the matter to rest by telling the Tory rank and file that Mulroney deserves to be shown respect. "The prime minister didn't really get into it, other than to say he wishes (Mulroney) well," said one Conservative.
The Harper government has tried to distance itself from Mulroney since businessman Karlheinz Schreiber said he had agreed to pay Mulroney $300,000 to lobby for Schreiber's business interests.
In November 2007, after calling a review of Mulroney's dealings with Schreiber, Harper ordered his caucus to cease contact with the former prime minister.

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