Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Govt. Lawyer: Innocent explanation for RCMP inaccuracies

A government lawyer is unlikely to grant that there would be anything but an innocent explanation for the discrepancies. However, a less biased observer might consider that the video reveals the inaccuracies because as the Polish govt. suggested the officers were lying! Certainly the RCMP so far do not come out looking very good. Also, some of the officers involved had already had problems earlier.

'Innocent explanation' for RCMP inaccuracies, gov't lawyer tells Taser inquiry
34 minutes ago

VANCOUVER, B.C. — A lawyer for the Canadian government says there is an "innocent explanation" for inaccuracies in the accounts from four RCMP officers of Robert Dziekanski's death.

The public inquiry into what happened when Dziekanski was stunned with a Taser at Vancouver's airport has heard of numerous inaccuracies between the statements officers gave to homicide investigators and a witness video of his death.

A lawyer for the Polish government accused the officers of outright lying.

But Jan Brongers, who represents the federal government at the inquiry, says people make mistakes and many witnesses have revised statements they initially gave police in light of the video of the October 2007 confrontation.

And he says those mistakes don't mean the witnesses were trying to mislead investigators.

The discrepancies have prompted calls for the Crown to re-examine a decision not to charge the officers.

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