Wednesday, August 15, 2007

NDP wants Tom Long out of CBC hiring process

This is the second place I have seen mention of this matter. I wonder if it will ever manage to become big news in the mainstream press. It seems odd that news media have not jumped on this already.

NDP asks CBC chair to remove Long
NDP MP Angus sends letter to Timothy Casgrain asking him to keep Tom Long out of hiring process
OTTAWA – NDP Culture and Heritage Critic Charlie Angus (Timmins-James Bay) called on recently appointed CBC Chair Timothy Casgrain to remove Tom Long from any involvement in the search for a new CEO and executive director of news for the public broadcaster.

“Mr. Long is a Conservative insider with ties that go all the way to PMO communications director, Sandra Buckler,” said Angus. “This is just another way for Harper to control media content. We are hoping that Mr. Casgrain will recognize this clear conflict of interest and remove Tom Long from participating in any way in the process.”

Angus raised the issue of Mr. Long’s involvement last week, after an internal memo went out to CBC staff advising them to send their application for the open position to him. The NDP MP sent a letter to Mr. Casgrain on Thursday asking him to do everything in his power as chair of the institution to remove any doubt in Canadians’ minds that the search is above reproach.

“The CBC is a public institution whose newsroom cannot afford to be tainted with the perception of political interference,” said Angus. “And Long’s involvement is akin to sugar in a gas tank.”

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